Awareness : OBC Tips

What To Do When You Receive a Medical Record Request Letter

If you receive a medical record request, also called an additional record request, do not ignore it. You must immediately forward the request to the Office of Billing Compliance (OBC)  and/or to  These requests are time sensitive and extremely important so please do not set them aside.  All requests for medical records or requests for overpayments are reviewed and processed by and through our office.

The OBC handles for Hospital, Physicians and Non-Physician Practitioners, the following:

  • Medical documentation (i.e., Hedis) requests
  • Documentation requests for payments
  • Documentation to support Medical Necessity, coding and billing including CMS Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs)
  • Refunds for billing errors or non-compliant services due to local coverage medical policy
  • Overpayment requests from all payors (Medicare, Medicaid, RACS, CMS, CERT, QIO, AHCA, Tricare, Veteran’s Affairs and Third Party Payors (Commercial Insurers, Managed Care Organizations(HMOs))