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Medicare Rule for Teaching Physicians

Teaching Physician Attestation

If a resident participates in a service provided in a teaching setting, the teaching physician may not bill Medicare for such services unless the teaching physician is present during or personally performs the key portion(s) of any services for which payment is sought. The Teaching Physician does not need to repeat, in detail, the key elements of the service personally obtained by the resident. Rather, the documentation of the Teaching Physician may be brief, summarizing the components that tie into the resident’s entry and which confirm, add or revise the key elements, the History, Exam and Medical Decision Making and personally adding his/her attestation. PHYSICIAN’S VERIFICATION OF PRESENCE IN THE UMCARE SYSTEM IN ALL FACILITIES, WHERE AVAILABLE, IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH THE MEDICARE RULE FOR TEACHING PHYSICIANS

More information is available at Medicare Rule for Teaching Physicians.