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Selective Debridement (97597 and 97598)

Selective Debridement (97597 and 97598) CPT codes 97597 and 97598 are used for the removal of specific, targeted areas of devitalized or necrotic tissue from a wound along the margin of viable tissue. Occasional bleeding and pain may occur. The routine application of a topical or local anesthetic does not elevate active wound care management to surgical debridement. Selective debridement includes:

  • Selective removal of necrotic tissue by sharp dissection including scissors, scalpel, and forceps
  • Selective removal of necrotic tissue by high pressure water jet Coverage for wound care on a continuing basis for a given wound in a given patient is contingent upon evidence documented in the patient’s medical record that the wound is improving in response to the wound care being provided.
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Wound dimensions (diameter, depth, tunneling)
  • Granulation tissue

    Necrotic tissue/slough Such evidence must be documented with each visit. A wound that shows no improvement after 30 days requires a new approach, which may include a reassessment, by a qualified professional, of underlying infection, metabolic, nutritional, or vascular problems inhibiting wound healing, or a new plan of care or treatment method. In rare instances, the goal of wound care provided in the outpatient setting may only be to prevent progression of the wound, which due to severe underlying debility or other factors such as inoperability, is not expected to improve.