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Requirements for Inpatient Services of Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

Requirements for certification and recertification: General considerations. Certification begins with the order for inpatient admission. The content requirements differ from those for other hospitals because the care furnished in inpatient psychiatric facilities is often purely custodial and thus not covered under Medicare. The purpose of the statements, therefore, is to help ensure that Medicare pays only for services of the type appropriate for Medicare coverage. Accordingly, Medicare Part A pays for inpatient services in an inpatient psychiatric facility only if a physician certifies and recertifies the need for services consistent with the requirements of this section, as appropriate.

Content of certification. The physician must certify—

  • That inpatient psychiatric services were required for treatment that could reasonably be expected to improve the patient’s condition, or for diagnostic study.
  • That the inpatient psychiatric services were provided in accordance with §412.3 of this chapter.
  • Content of recertification. (1) Inpatient services furnished since the previous certification or recertification were, and continue to be, required—
  • For treatment that could reasonably be expected to improve the patient’s condition; or
  • For diagnostic study; and (2) The hospital records show that the services furnished were—

    Intensive treatment services;

    • Admission and related services necessary for diagnostic study; or
    • Equivalent services.
    • The patient continues to need, on a daily basis, active treatment furnished directly by or requiring the supervision of inpatient psychiatric facility personnel.
    • Timing of certification and recertification. (1) Certification is required at the time of admission or as soon thereafter as is reasonable and practicable, and must be completed and documented in the medical record prior to discharge.
    • The first recertification is required as of the 12th day of hospitalization. Subsequent recertifications are required at intervals established by the UR committee (on a case-by-case basis if it so chooses), but no less frequently than every 30 days.