Awareness : Did You Know? 2015-2016

Did You Know? Weekly Educational Series 10

For the Week of October 19, 2015 for Dermatology

Destruction of malignant skin lesions—revision to the Part B LCD

LCD ID number: L33813

The LCD for destruction of malignant skin lesions was revised to add ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes C44.01, C44.02, C44.09, C44.112, C44.119, C44.122, C44.129, C44.192, C44.199, C44.212, C44.219, C44.222, C44.229, C44.292, C44.299, C44.311, C44.319, C44.321, C44.329, C44.391, C44.399, C44.41, C44.42, C44.49, C44.510 - C44.519, C44.520 - C44.529, C44.590 - C44.599, C44.612, C44.619, C44.622, C44.629, C44.692, C44.699, C44.712, C44.719, C44.722, C44.729, C44.792, C44.799, C44.81, C44.82, and C44.89 to the “ICD-10 Codes that Support Medical Necessity” section of the LCD.

Effective date:

This LCD revision is effective for services rendered on or after October 1, 2015. LCD search at

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