Awareness : Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Business Conduct & Ethical Standards for Faculty and Staff (Code of Conduct)

Outlines the University guidelines on business conduct, provides questions and answers on each issue covered, and gives direction for handling situations in which policies are not being followed. The handbook also references relevant policies where applicable. However, please note that the guidelines in this booklet are not comprehensive and the complete policies should be reviewed.

OIG on the Code of Conduct:

Regardless of its title, a Code of Conduct is fundamental to a successful compliance program because it articulates the organization’s commitment to ethical behavior. The Code should function in the same way as a constitution, i.e., as a document that details the fundamental principles, values, and framework for action within the organization. The Code of Conduct helps define the organization’s culture; all relevant operating policies are derivative of its principles.

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The University has established a committee to develop formal guidelines for decision-making and behavior in keeping with the University’s DIRECCTvalues. Led by University Compliance Services, the committee plans to formalize the University’s Code of Ethics within the 2017-2018 academic year.Please visit for more information.